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8 Hr Lesson

  • 1 h
  • 10,000 ดอลลาร์สหรัฐ
  • Location 1

Service Description

Important Note: *This is a general guideline. The actual pace of learning can vary depending on the student's ability, wind conditions, and instructor's assessment. *It's crucial to prioritize safety throughout the lessons. Qualified instructors should always supervise students during kitesurfing lessons. Session 1: Theory and Safety (Beach) Objectives: Learn the basic principles of kitesurfing equipment (kite, board, control bar, safety systems). Understand wind theory and window management (safe flying zones). Practice kite control on land using a trainer kite. Review safety procedures (launching, landing, self-rescue). Session 2: Water Skills and Kite Control (Shallow Water) Objectives: Develop basic water safety skills (body positioning, self-flotation). Practice relaunching the kite from the water. Gain confidence in water handling with the kite. Session 3: Body Drag and Board Control (Shallow Water) Objectives: Combine water skills with basic board control (body dragging with board). Learn proper board positioning and body posture. Introduce basic steering techniques while body dragging. Session 4: Introduction to Riding (Shallow Water) Objectives: Attempt first water starts with board and kite power. Practice basic riding position and balance on the board. Learn basic stopping techniques (stopping the kite, falling safely). Progression Considerations: The instructor will assess the student's progress throughout the lessons and adjust the pace accordingly. Additional sessions might be necessary to solidify skills before attempting independent riding. Once basic riding skills are established, the instructor can introduce more advanced techniques like tacking, jibing, and upwind riding. Remember: Safety is paramount. Always follow the instructor's guidance and prioritize safe practices. Kitesurfing requires practice and dedication. Be patient, consistent with your learning, and have fun!

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  • Thailand


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