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Targeting the perfect season

Wind, Tides & Your Watersport Adventure in Jomtien Beach

Planning a water sports adventure in Jomtien Beach? Mastering the language of wind and tide is your key to an unforgettable experience! This guide explores the ideal conditions for various activities, helping you choose the perfect time to chase waves or conquer a new challenge. We cater to all skill levels, from seasoned veterans to curious beginners.

Mastering Wind & Tide for Your Activity: 

Here's a breakdown of wind and tide preferences for popular water sports activities.​

​Pro Tip: Regardless of the activity, always check our live wind meter data for the latest wind conditions before heading out. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information for the best possible experience on the water! Visit our wind meter page here: 

Person wingfoiling on water


  • Experienced: Thrive on consistent winds (12-20 knots) from March to June. Lower tides during this period provide more launch and landing space at Jomtien Beach.

  • Beginner: Ideal winds are slightly lighter (8-15 knots) from Mid-January to March. Calmer waters with predictable South Westerlies make Jomtien Beach perfect for learning.

Image of a person kitesurfing


  • Experienced: Consistent South Westerly winds (15-20 knots) from March to June are ideal. Lower tides create wider beaches, perfect for practicing at Jomtien Beach.
    Beginner: Look for South Westerly winds (8-15 knots) from Mid-January to March. Lower wind speeds allow for safe practice under professional guidance, with Jomtien Beach offering wider beachfront areas.

image of 3 catamaran on clubloongchat beach

Hobie Catamaran

  • All Levels: Similar to SUP, calmer waters (July to October and Mid-January to March) might be preferable for beginners in Hobie Catamarans. Tides can influence accessibility to certain areas, so checking tide charts beforehand is recommended. 

Image of a person windsurfing


  • Experienced: Crave strong North Easterly winds (15-25 knots) from November to Mid-January. Jomtien Beach offers flatter water due to side-offshore winds, ideal for experienced riders.

  • Beginner: Gentle South Westerly winds (8-12 knots) from Mid-January to March create perfect learning conditions. Jomtien Beach provides calmer waters and predictable winds for beginners to find their footing.

Image of a person stand up paddling on calm waters

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

  • All Levels: Lighter winds and calmer waters (generally July to October and Mid-January to March) are ideal for SUP. Jomtien Beach offers a beautiful coastline to explore. Tides have minimal impact on SUP.

Planning Your Perfect Month by Activity:

Now that you understand wind and tide preferences, let's explore the ideal months for specific water sports in Jomtien Beach:

November to Mid-January: North East Monsoon & Higher Tides

  • Wind: Strong North Easterly winds (10-25 knots) create choppy conditions.

  • Tide: Expect higher tides, potentially limiting some beachfront activities.

  • Best for: Experienced windsurfers and experienced kitesurfers (with caution).

Mid-January to March: Gentle South Westerlies & Variable Tides

  • Wind: Gentle South Westerly winds (8-12 knots) offer calmer waters and predictable winds.

  • Tide: Tides become more variable during this period.

  • Best for: Beginner windsurfers, kitesurfing lessons (depending on wind strength), SUP, Kayaking, Hobie Catamaran.

March to June: Prime Kitesurfing Season & Lower Tides

  • Wind: Consistent South Westerly winds (8-20 knots) prevail.

  • Tide: Lower tides expose more beachfront.

  • Best for: Kitesurfing lessons (all skill levels), windsurfing (all skill levels), SUP, Kayaking, Hobie Catamaran.

July to October: Lighter Winds & Variable Tides

  • Wind: Lighter South Westerly winds (6-12 knots) might be less than ideal for some water sports.

  • Tide: Tides become more variable again.

  • Best for: Experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers for practicing techniques, SUP, Kayaking, Hobie Catamaran (depending on wind and tide conditions).

Beyond Wind & Tide:

Jomtien Beach offers a variety of other factors to consider when planning your water sports adventure:

  • Water Temperature: The water temperature in Jomtien Beach remains relatively warm year-round, averaging around 27°C (80°F).

By considering wind, tides, and the specific water sport you're interested in, you can plan your Pattaya or Jomtien Beach adventure for an optimal experience!

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