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POP Being Uncle Chat’s son and growing up at Jomtien Beach, was born with windsurfing. With all elements in place - including a natural talent - he very quickly became one of Thailand’s best windsurfers and collected several National titles as well as top international results such as a 7th. place in the Raceboard Worlds in 1991, and a Silver medal at the South East Asian Games in 1992. Pop was a member of the Thai National team from 1989 to 1995.



His organization skills have been key factor to the success and today’s strong position of windsurfing in Thailand. He was appointed assistant coach to the 2000 Thai Olympic Team, and acted as secretary to the Thai Windsurfing Association from 2001 to 2004 when he was directly instrumental to the huge success of not less than three World Championships and one Continental Championship in the Formula and IMCO Classes. Apart from managing Club Loong Chat, Pop is also the advisor to the Association and one of the advocates in promoting Thailand as a first-rate windsurfing destination and arena for future International events.


Pop has been teaching windsurfing to people of all ages for almost two decades and his experience and in- depth knowledge is unparalleled after a life dedicated to windsurfing.


"Loong Chat" or Uncle Chat, founded Club Loong Chat more than 20 years ago. Windsurfing became available in Thailand in the late 70’s while Chat was studying Economic Science at the Thammasut University in Bangkok. However, this exiting new sport soon became his passion and main interest , and his enthusiasm and guidance attracted the interest of friends and others. The windsurfing society in Thailand grew rapidly, and Uncle Chat initiated the Thai Windsurfing Association and became its first President in the early 80’s. It was sailing at lakes and Bangkok Rivers, but the base for windsurfing quickly shifted to beautiful Jomtien Beach where Club Loong Chat was established in 1984.


As a true pioneer Uncle Chat is a living legend among windsurfers and friends. His perception and friendly approach is well known and if you have a question about Jomtien, windsurfing or life in general,- “have a chat with Uncle Chat.”

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