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Sail the Serene Seas: Windsurf Adventures in Thailand



Windsurfing is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast seeking a new challenge or a curious beginner looking for a fun activity, windsurfing offers an exciting experience for everyone.


  • Pure Adrenaline: Feel the rush of wind propelling you across the water at exhilarating speeds.

  • Balance & Coordination: Develop a sense of balance and coordination as you master the art of windsurfing.

  • Full-Body Workout: Enjoy a fantastic full-body workout that engages all your major muscle groups.



Thailand's consistent winds, sheltered bays, and stunning coastlines create the perfect environment for learning and perfecting your windsurfing skills. Imagine yourself gliding effortlessly across crystal-clear waters, feeling the warm tropical breeze caress your face. With lush islands dotting the horizon in the distance, the scenery provides a breathtaking backdrop to your windsurfing adventure.


Our comprehensive windsurfing lessons provide a safe and enjoyable way to learn the fundamentals of this classic sport. Our experienced instructors will guide you through everything you need to know:

  • Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. You'll receive thorough training on proper equipment usage, wind awareness, and emergency procedures.

  • Equipment Breakdown: Learn about the different components of a windsurf setup, including boards, sails, and masts.

  • Mastering the Basics: Develop the essential techniques for rigging, launching, and maneuvering your windsurf board on the water.

  • Personalized Learning: Our personalized learning plan ensures you progress at your own pace, maximizing your enjoyment and skill development.


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Take your windsurfing journey to the next level with our selection of top-quality rental equipment. Choose from a diverse range of boards, sails, and rigs. No matter your skill level or riding style, we have the perfect setup to boost your confidence and help you unlock your full windsurfing potential.

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Embark on Your Windsurfing Adventure Today!

Before you choose your dates, ensure you catch the perfect wind! Thailand boasts consistent winds throughout the year, but some months offer stronger, more consistent breezes ideal for windsurfing (typically 10-20 knots). 


explore our dedicated

Weather can be unpredictable, even in paradise! For the most up-to-date wind information specific to your chosen dates,


 check out our live

With the ideal conditions at your fingertips and top-notch equipment at your disposal, the only thing left is to experience the magic of windsurfing in Thailand!


Kru Kaew, a certified water sports instructor at Clubloongchat, ready to guide you in Pattaya!

Kru Kaew

Wingfoil, Windsurf, SUP, Sailboat

our windsurf instructor

Kru Tu

Kite, Windsurf, SUP, Sailboat

Kru Surf, a passionate water sports instructor at Clubloongchat, ready to help you conquer the waves in Pattaya!

Kru Surf

Wingfoil, Surf, Kitesurf, Windsurf, SUP

Kru Dez, a fun and enthusiastic water sports instructor at Clubloongchat, ready to make your Pattaya adventure unforgettable!

Kru Dech

Wingfoil, SUP, Windsurf

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