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 Is Kiteboarding easy?

 Yes and no. With good instruction, most people enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve. 

 Without instruction, trying to learn kiteboarding can be frustrating and dangerous.






Don’t risk frustration and despair by trying to learn windsurfing by yourself or from your enthusiastic, but untrained friends. Our range of courses are structured to suit all skill levels, from beginners to advanced short board sailors.


Thanks to modern wide boards and training sails tailored to fit all body sizes, we are able to teach you all the basics within 60 minutes.


We have progressive equipment to cater for your learning curve, and our skilled instructors may take you quickly to the next level. With a back to back intermediate or advanced course, you will soon find yourself cruising around on a performance oriented race or “freeride board” with ease.

SINCE 1985


We aim to provide a fun, safe and easy shopping experience every time.

 Do I need to be good shape to kiteboard?

 A basic level of fitness is all you usually need.



Our teaching goal

As we aim for the most effective outcome, we offer only individual training for each of our lesson, and also concern about wind and water conditions to help our students learn easier.

Why take lessons?

1. Save money. Your can use the school's kites, boards, bar, etc. 

2. Instructor will show students safe shortcuts and will get rides up to speed more efficiently.

 Why can't I learn from a video or a magazine?

 You can learn a lot from videos and magazines, but there is no substitute for having an instructor provide feedback, share local knowledge, maximize safety and customize instruction to your individual needs.